Dinner with Marilyn

Many years ago, in the mid-1950s I travelled from high school in Sedona to Flagstaff AZ to board the Santa Fe Chief to Chicago where I transferred to the 20th Century Limited continuing my trip to New York City. In those days the 20th Century Limited was the train that had everything, from telephones to a barbershop on board.  I had a roomette and when I heard the porter walking down the aisle hitting the dinner gong I quickly dressed for dinner and got to the dining car early enough to be seated right away!

When I got to the dining car I was seated at a small table with my back to the wall of the car. I noticed that the dining car was filling up quickly and congratulated myself for getting seated right away. While I was perusing the menu the Maître D approached me and said that all the tables were occupied and there was a lady that would like to be seated. He asked if I minded sharing my table. I told him that was fine with me. He reappeared with a drop-dead beautiful lady dressed to the nines, complete with a fur stole draped around her shoulders. He pulled out the chair for her and Marilyn Monroe sat with me through the dinner. We spend almost an hour she asked questions and I gave her the answers. She wanted to know if I was traveling alone and where I traveling from and to. She offered that she was going to New York to see a friend (I suspicioned that it was Joe DiMaggio, but she never said).

When I arrived in New York and was picked up by my parents I told them of the experience, answered many questions and locked that dinner into my long-term memory. It was an experience to remember. Marilyn was a gracious dinner companion and since the train was nonstop from Chicago to New York  there were paparazzi.

Thank you Marilyn, I remember you well.


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