China Sun Buffet, Springfield OR

This is our go-to buffet for Chinese. Great menu from die-hard seafood to you choose what you want to be cooked on the grill, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Always clean from the tables to floor to restrooms, this restaurant is well maintained.
Evening menu changes from lunch at about 4 PM. Dinner may include lamb or squid, beef or pork, or simply fresh veggies all to be grilled to perfection Mongolian Grill style.
Want hot mustard – (whew, it’ll take your breath away)? They have it, Want hot Thai sauce? They have it. Want Ketchup with your fries? They have that too.

There is a sushi bar there and the grill for flame cooked chicken, beef, pork, seafood, or our favorite, lamb.
All the usual desserts, from cookies to pudding, even coconut pudding, all fresh and clean.
Now the service. Wait staff is attentive and will provide whatever you need including clearing of dishes, doggie bags and refills of liquid refreshments (beer, tea, and even water).

They provide eat-at-home containers and charge by the pound for take out lunch or dinner.

If you would like to practice your Chinese, they will accomodate you on that score as well.

Five Stars


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