Firehouse Restaurant, Florence OR

We went to dinner with another couple who raved about the clam chowder. I’m not a fan of shellfish so, while the three others ordered chowder I ordered fish and chips.
We visited and visited then with two trips to the kitchen the soup arrived. The others began enjoying the soup while I watched. Just about the time they were done I called the waitress over and told that if I did not get my food before they were finished I would not be buying it. About two spoonfuls before the three finished, my dinner arrived sans utensils, water, and napkins. Then it was their turn to wait until I was finished with my dinner, but wait! The checks got to the table during my time entertaining the others.
Food okay but not worth the poor performance by the kitchen and waitstaff. No tip tonight my pretties!
No return for a second chance, not worth a recommendation anyone else to go there. So, Diners all – fair warning.

Our personal rating, no stars. Don’t bother, there are too many other restaurants in the area.

No, we willl not return.


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