Better than most Walmart McD’s

I am not a fan of McD’s, but they had me hooked with the mobile app so I can order from anywhere and pay when I get there avoiding lines and registers, but you can pay when there at the register if you want to. With the advent of fresh burgers rather than the frozen ones to food is a tick above what it used to be.
So, this isn’t a flaming great review. Well, McD’s food isn’t the best in the world or even the town, but the staff is VERY accommodating and the technology is there to let me avoid lines and eat in a clean environment.
Will I go there again? Yes, housed inside Walmart, it is a good addition to the Walmart shopping experience.


2 thoughts on “Better than most Walmart McD’s

    1. I don’t want to be junk stuff!
      Love you and look forward to getting back East this year! Headed for NE then South for warmer traveling weather. Loni would like to meet you in peeson and I would love to se you now.


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