Okay, folks here is a rant. If you are not interested don’t read too much into the story, but if you are interested, maybe we can shake some of the lethargy out of the local politicians.

In any event, the rant starts now.
We have visited several cities that enforce the ordinance against overnight parking in their town. We move on like I am sure so many other RVers do. The next work day at the latest I call city hall and speak to the mayor, councilmember or whoever will stay on the phone and listen.
I politely explain that we are an RVer, and we do not live in their city, so we do not vote on election day. But we do vote with our wallet.
Since the city has an anti-overnight ordinance we get the message that we are not wanted, so we move on. In moving on we did not spend $______ while passing through.

I let the person now that I have phoned several stores and advised the store manager that we would have come in for dinner, clothes shopping, groceries, repairs, or whatever we needed at the time, but because we were not wanted we spent our money elsewhere. I suggest to the shopkeepers that they ought to have the city revisit the anti-RV ordinance and welcome travelers and their wallets, rather than send them on to a more friendly town.

Today I spoke to a councilman from the city of St. George Utah and told him that we vote with our wallet, and the city lost between $1200-1300 in revenues we spent on groceries and repairs. He commented that there were places in St. George we could have parked, just not fo free. I let him know that many RVers are completely self-contained and will not spend $40-50 for a place to park their wheels in an RV Park/Campground.
He then replied that I was the first ever to call and complain about not being able to park in a store parking lot.

My comments to him fell on deaf ears, and my guess is the ordinance will not change.
Same thing happened in Flagstaff AZ where we didn’t spend money on food, eating out (dining) or MH upgrades to the tune of more than $1500.
Oh well!
If you have had a similar experience of being unwelcome in a city or town why not join me in letting businesses know that we do spend money, but won’t as long as we feel unwelcome.

Or, is it just me getting older and thinking that if there is a problem with unwanted almost homeless people the government should be more proactive and try harder to bring in the dollars.
For example, what if the government found a few hundred square feet, put up a port-a-potty and a dumpster and let the locals hang out there?

Don’t bother flaming me, but I would be interested in knowing if it is just me our there is one other out there that has had to find other lodgings.

On the other side, we have been on the road about three years (short time for full-timers, but you have to get through three to get to four, five, …ten, and so on.We boondock, dry-camp, or whatever name you know as  not being in an RV park hooked up to shore utilities.

We have lots of good places to tell you about, but there is an easier way! Boondocking information





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