A Long Time Ago


When I was a teenager, I visited and played with Lynn, the girl next door. We played, imagined, pretended, sat and talked and plotted and planned. I moved from my home in Maine to a new place called California. I lost track of that teenage girl, but never forgot her as life moved on to a new adventure.

Now, about sixty odd years later we reconnected as a result of my sister’s passing to a better place. Lynn connected with me through the Internet, and we have become email buddies over the past few months. This story is about Lynn and the small town where she and her husband Paul live. It is a story told by Lynn to me in one of her emails.
I asked her if I could publish it, and she graciously gave her permission to use it any way I wanted. This story is more of time travel for me rather than the usual stories of people and places in this blog.

So, without further adieu here is Lynn’s story. “We have a young man in our town who has severe Spinal bifida. He is in a wheel chair. His parents both died when he was still in school, and he has soldiered on alone for many years. He has been very independent. Cuts his own wood, is very active in the handicapped skiing program and also gets a deer every year using his ATV. However, over the years his house has fallen down around him, and living conditions have been very bad.

Everyone realized that he couldn’t go on living in his house, so they started an Andy fund to raise money for a new house. One contractor donated materials and labor. Other people in town, a carpenter, plumber and electrician offered their services. The house was all taken care of except for the furnishings and that’s where the library gals stepped in. We held a “pie night” last night. Everyone in town who could, made a pie {40 of them to be exact} and just about everyone in town plus people from Rumford and Bethel came. We set up a donation table and, believe it or not, we raised over $7.000. Enough for a stove, refrigerator, dish washer, and TV! How’s that for a little town of less then 300 people?”

Lynn, if you read this the answer to your question is heart-warming and renewing the human side of humanity.


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