Back in Oregon for a Time.

We went to Coos Bay Oregon to avoid the California and Oregon Central Valleys’ excessive heat. When we left the Red Bluff area in California the temperature was headed for 110 degrees.  Coos Bay, on the other hand was a cool 69-72 degrees.  Whew! what a relief. Years ago one of our kids said that if heat was good for you God wouldn’t have made Hell hot. I think he was on to something there.

A week in Coos Bay on the beach at Bastendorff Beach Jetty with friends we had gotten to know in Tucson. Small world. Then we traveled to Gardner for one more night of Boondocking with the same good folks. From there we said our goodbyes and we stayed one night at the Three Rivers Casino before heading back into the Willamette Valley to the high 70’s or low 80’s. While at the casino we got our obligatory Players Club cards. The casino put some free play on our cards, but we had to prime the pump with some of our money. That’s pretty standard. We went into the casino with $4 in our pockets and an hour or so later left 9 cents shy of $79. Not bad. They paid us to stay in their parking lot. Nice casino, helpful security (you must have a permit issued by Security to stay for up to 7 nights at no cost).

We hit the heat of the valley and called one of our friends at Guaranty RV in Junction City. We asked if we could stay there in their lot for a couple of nights. “Sure you can, but remember its first come,” he replied. When we got there we found several spaces open and we settled in.  That was on a Sunday and it happened that the town was celebrating Scandinavian Days in the downtown area.  Sunday was Danish day.  Lots of food at big prices, so we walked around and took in the entertainment and the odors wafting from the food vendor’s booths.

From Junction City then to McMinnville, Salem, Albany, and then on to Sweet Home (where White’s Metal Detectors are made), Bend ,and on to Idaho. We are following the windshield!

Most of these blogs have to do with interviews  with people we meet, or retelling a great life’s story, but this one  isn’t quite as colorful, just our journey.

Now, if there is someone looking for a good deal on a motorhome, fifth-wheel, travel trailer, pick-up, auto, or anything with a motor you ought to stop in at Guaranty RV. They have about 800 RV’s on their lot, 46 service bays, and 42 acres of  vehicles of all descriptions. When you stop in at the Motorhome Lot ask for Dan McCaskill and tell him “Hi” from us, or if you are at the Trailer Lot say “Hi” from us to John Richardson “JR” for short.

Here is a plug for Guaranty. If you are ;looking for an honest, straightforward dealer to work with then this is the place. Herb N ill, the owner, and hos sons believe in treating all their customers and employees too according to the Golden Rule. They are GOOD people and easy to work with while you kick tires or sign papers. Kudos to this company.


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