Hither Thither and Yon

Well, we traveled from Tucson’s heat of 98 to Phoenix and found we were going from the frying pan into the fire at 103. Somewhere between Eloy and Phoenix an 18-wheeler threw a tread that damaged our rig. No, we didn’t see the name of the trucking company and we didn’t know there was any damage until we stopped in Tempe to visit with a very generous friend we met in Folsom CA last Christmas season. John worked on the Christmas tree lot we were managing as Workampers. He was a very energetic worker and a natural leader that got the rest of the crew working like a well-oiled machine. He had hopes of getting on with UPS after December, but that didn’t happen for him and he went through a rough time.

Enter one of his aunts who needed a kidney. She was in desperation looking for someone who would give up one of these necessary organs to save her life. John stepped up and found he was a perfect match. Without hesitation he volunteered and they went through the classes on what would be required and John hung in there gave her a kidney that is working perfectly in his aunt. We met both there in Tempe and enjoyed a visit with them. The surgeries were long, but without complication and both John and his aunt now have a healthy future in the offing.

When we left the rig to visit with John and his aunt we noticed that the stone guard or mud flap, if you prefer, was dragging on the ground and the almost 1/2 of rubber had worn through from being dragged on the roads we traveled since we hit the thrown tire tread. When we inspected the front of the rig there was front end damage that would need repair.
Rats, I hate it when that happens! We stayed in Scottsdale at a casino with the 8-ft. stone guard crammed into the car we tow – our toad. Then on to Needles California with Fresno as the trip destination for  our granddaughter’s High School graduation, but that’s another story.

On our way to the casino in Phoenix we were on six lanes of freeway reducing to five lanes, and we had to merge to the left because our lane was no longer there. Well, what happens when you are in a motor-home and you put your blinker on to move over? Cars naturally speed up to make sure you don’t get in front of them. If you really need to do that make sure you can get in front before the bigger vehicle completes the merging process finishes. The little blue Honda car wasn’t quite quick enough to make it all the way in front of us. No real damage to either vehicle. Apparently they could have the marks buffed out and we sustained no reportable damage. I guess my advice is that if a 40,000 pound vehicle wants to move over, be courteous and let it move. You can always pass later on.

We booked a three night stay in a campground in Needles so we could hook up to electricity, water, and sewer, the utilities. And get some R&R (Rest and Regroup) Fortunately we had electricity to run at least one of the AC units since the temperature was about 106. Too hot to do any outside visiting. Everyone there was hunkered down with their ACs working overtime to keep their rigs cool.
The weather in Bakersfield was much cooler and hit a high of about 85, doable. We stayed at the Stiers Collision Center while we had the insurance adjusters estimate damage and repair costs. Don Garcia also fit us in to their busy schedule to make sure we had a good stone guard when we left. What a great place to have repairs made. They have worked on the first two motor-homes we had and never disappointed us when it came to delivering more than promised. While we were in Bakersfield (with 50 amp service courtesy of the Collision Center) I was able to finally complete my book “Unleashing Your Powerful Mind with Hypnosis” and make it available as a Kindle edition as well as a paper hard copy. Want to read? You can get it with my 50% introductory discount by clicking on book imageCover.

Well, now we have gone from hither in Tucson to yon, in Fresno, which is now hither. The graduation ceremony was quite a spectacle with fireworks and all the pomp and circumstance of any HS graduation. I’ll have to get the pictures developed. Oh darn no film! What now, maybe transfer from camera to computer, and post all about that experience.



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