RV Getaways

One of the best places we have found to escape the everyday boondocking and the RV campgrounds falls right in the middle between campground and dry camping. While it is dry camping its more too.

What would it be like if you could stay at a beautiful winery or farm setting? One of the best that we have enjoyed for the “get away” experiences was at Marks Ridge Winery in Sweet Home OR.

This is a small mom and pop winery that makes you feel as though you were long lost family returning to enjoy the time with them. When we stayed at the winery they were having a concert in the evening; and invited us to join the group of locals as they listened to, enjoyed, and applauded the entertainer.

Although we declined and wanted to get some rest after a time of socializing with the owners, sampling some really good wine, and taking a bottle back to our rig (yes, we bought it). As we lay in bed we could hear the music filtering into our bedroom on the cool night breeze.

If this sounds good and you would like the opportunity to stay a night for free (if you don’t end up with a bottle), then you need to join us as members of Harvest Hosts Club. The membership is nominal and the rewards are great.
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And be sure to tell them we referred you, It will make us feel good and you will have given us a warm fuzzy!

Our home
Our home Jim and Loni Macy

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