A Man of Many Talents

Gary Doe, affectionately called “Speedy” by his friends will tell you he got the nickname because he gets things done and they are done quickly. He needs to be quick, or speedy because he wears many hats and many times more than one at a time.

During the day Speedy works at the Casino of the Sun in Drexel Heights, a community on the Southern edge of Tucson AZ. That work hat is one of a landscaper keeping the ground in top condition, making sure the plants are getting the water they need, cleaning up after people that drop their trash on the casino grounds, arranging artful plantings and ground covers and anything else that has to do with beautifying the grounds.

In the evenings he is the local Shaman or medicine man available to all who ask his help in healing from physical ailments to drug addiction, Speedy is available to do spiritual cleansing and healings. Many times the local people who depend on him will call his cell phone while he is doing his landscaping, and he will take the call to counsel with them and make appointments for the evening or weekend. Speedy also participates in the Pascua Yaqui tribal traditions and helping incorporate Catholicism into the ancient tribal ceremonies, or is it the other way around?

On weekends and for Catholic services Speedy is a devote parishioner and participant in the Catholic ceremonies. During Easter he will carry the Cross and then the Tomba in the Easter celebrations and processions.

No matter what the circumstances Gary Doe is always willing to talk about the power of God in his life and let you know he is but the conduit, the messenger, the instrument of God in all the healings that he performs or participates in for himself, his people, employer, and the tribe.

Is he an interesting person? You bet! He is the ambassador for the Casino of the Sun and the Casino del Sol. Stop by if you are in the area and say Hi! If you want to make his day call him and just say hello, or if you need help ask for that too. 520-283-1873 (Gary’s Cell Phone)


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