Bakersfield Museum

1-23-2015 Last Friday while we were still in Bakersfield, CA we visited the Kern County Pioneer Village Museum. Wow! What an exhibit! You need more than just 2 hours to see it all. Maybe a whole day. My tablet ran out of battery, so there are so-o-o-o many pictures I didn’t get to take. This place gives new meaning to ‘on the streets of Bakersfield’ (western singer, Bakersfield native, Buck Owens). The museum has 16 acres they have moved notable buildings to, have restored and maintained those buildings and added thousands of historical and cultural artifacts to the displays. The largest individual exhibit, Black Gold: The Oil Experience is outstanding! All educators within a couple of hours travel time should bring their students here on a field trip. All I can say is when you think oil, oil production, oil by-products or petroleum products, you really have NO idea! If grapes, figs, and cotton built Fresno then, oil built Bakersfield!

Update: the museum is anticipating the arrival, during the month of February 2015, of Merel Haggard’s childhood home, a train box car with 2 room additions. Merel was born in the boxcar in Oildale. He was back in Oildale on the Wednesday before our trip to the museum to participate in ceremonies regarding the moving of the box car. The division between Oildale & Bakersfield is like the division between Pinedale & Fresno. It used to be there!

Here are just a few of the pictures from the museum:

10923547_10202429154609353_5377570619278927235_n 10806332_10202429155649379_1696451911392974490_n 10422434_10202429153689330_1951508526781384711_n 10943871_10202429155929386_4911939779402883905_n 10953861_10202429155369372_6850390205230276680_n 10413398_10202429153209318_4213658240569183835_n 10940446_10202429154369347_6924225009111290728_n 10929148_10202429154929361_6918375324232496744_n


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